AVvision provides a range of premium services, including:

  1. Creation, design, execution of cinemas, supplying projectors, screens, and seating.
  2. Provision of engineering designs and cinema decor.
  3. Secure encryption and film transfer.
  4. Film master production, encryption and data transmission, and digital film preparation.
  5. Design and implementation of audio, dubbing and radio studios.
  6. Design and implementation of sound insulation and treatment work for movie theaters, studios and conference halls.
  7. Design, supply, and execution of aircraft, cars and virtual shooting field simulations.
  8. Design, supply, execution of multiple effects cinemas 4DX DBOX 9D.
  9. Execution of remote control advertising and content screens, in the interior and exterior of cinemas, in shopping centers, and along traffic thoroughfares.
  10. Design and implementation of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, from water parks to amusement parks.
  11. Information technology solutions, such as anti-piracy measures for electronic content.
  12. Websites design and development, wired and wireless network set-up, and cinema management program design.